ICDE 2023 Accepted Tutorials

Tutorial 1

Title: Data Acquisition and Valuation in Data Markets (3 hours)

Speakers: Jian Pei (Duke University), Xiaohui Yu (York University)

Tutorial 2

Title: Synthetic Data Generation for Enterprise DBMS (3 hours)

Speakers: Anupam Sanghi (IBM Research), Jayant Haritsa (Indian Institute of Science)

Tutorial 3

Title: The LSM Design Space and its Read Optimizations (1.5 hours)

Speakers: Subhadeep Sarkar (Boston University), Niv Dayan (University of Toronto), Manos Athanassoulis (Boston University)

Tutorial 4

Title: Graph Neural Networks for Tabular Data Learning (1.5 hours)

Speakers: Cheng-Te Li (National Cheng Kung University), Yu-Che Tsai (National Taiwan University), Jay Chiehen Liao (National Cheng Kung University)

Tutorial 5

Title: User-Defined Functions in Modern Data Engines (1.5 hours)

Speakers: Yannis Foufoulas (University of Athens), Alkis Simitsis (Athena Research Center)