ICDE 2023 Format and Registrations

The following is the information about the format and registrations of ICDE 2023. It’s subject to change.

Format: To have the best experience for the attendees, we organize the conference using the following asynchronous hybrid format.

  1. The conference has two non-overlapping components, in-person and virtual.
  2. For the in-person component, there will be NO live streaming. The event at the hotel will be 100% in person. 
  3. All keynote speakers, tutorial speakers, and panels will be in person.
  4. Each paper is highly recommended to provide a presentation video before the conference, which can be accessed by registered attendees.
  5. Each paper should have at least one author paying a full registration fee before the early bird registration deadline.
  6. By default, each paper is expected to have an in-person presenter.  
  7. If a paper cannot have an in-person presenter, the authors need to provide a valid reason, e.g., due to travel restrictions from their government.
  8. For papers that don’t have an in-person presenter, we will organize virtual sessions.  These sessions will be organized in the same way as we ran virtual conferences in the past.
  9. We plan to record some of the in-person sessions (e.g., keynote talks) and make them available to registered attendees.
  10. Each registrant has access to virtual sessions.

Author fee and registrations: The event requires each paper (including the conference and workshops) to pay an author fee for the work to be published and presented at the event.  Separately, attendees including the presenting authors need to pay a registration fee. The registration website will require each paper to pay both an author fee and a registration fee (either in-person or virtual, either student or non-student). A main reason to use this fee structure, which is adopted by many other events, is to deal with the uncertainty and risk of the conference budget caused by the economic environment and global pandemic.

The following are related deadlines:

  • 2/24/2023, Early Bird registration deadline. By this date each paper needs to decide whether their authors want to present the paper in person or remotely. If it’s remote, please contact the Registration Chair, Jia Yu (jia DOT yu1 AT wsu DOT edu), to provide a valid reason.
  • 3/17/2023, Registration cancellation deadline. There will be a cancellation fee before the deadline. No cancellation will be allowed after this deadline.

The fees and registration site will be available soon.