Title: Authors:
Cross-Domain Disentangled Learning for E-Commerce Live Streaming Recommendation Yixin Zhang (Shandong University)*; Yong Liu (Nanyang Technological University); Hao Xiong (Alibaba); YI LIU (Alibaba); Fuqiang Yu (Shangdong university); Wei He (Shandong University); Yonghui Xu (Shandong University); Lizhen Cui (ShanDong University); Chunyan Miao (NTU)
HiNet: Novel Multi-Scenario & Multi-Task Learning with Hierarchical Information Extraction Jie Zhou (Meituan)*; Xianshuai Cao (Meituan); Wenhao Li (Meituan); Lin Bo (Meituan); Kun Zhang (Meituan); Chuan Luo (Beihang University); Qian Yu (Beihang University)
OpenEmbedding: A Distributed Parameter Server for Deep Learning Recommendation Model using Persistent Memory cheng chen (4Paradigm Inc.)*; yilin wang (4Paradigm Inc.); Jun Yang (4Paradigm Inc.); yiming liu (4Paradigm Inc.); mian lu (4Paradigm Inc.); zhao zheng (4Paradigm Inc.); Bingsheng He (National University of Singapore); Weng-Fai Wong (National University of Singapore); liang you (alibaba); penghao sun (alibaba); Yuping Zhao (Intel); fenghua hu (Intel); Andy Rudoff (Intel)
Construction and Applications of Billion-Scale Pre-trained Multimodal Business Knowledge Graph Shumin Deng (National University of Singapore)*; Chengming Wang (alibaba ); Zhoubo Li (Zhejiang University); Ningyu Zhang (Zhejiang University); zelin Dai (Alibaba); Hehong Chen (Alibaba); Feiyu Xiong (Alibaba Group); Ming Yan (Alibaba Group); Qiang Chen (Alibaba Group); Mosha Chen (Alibaba Group); Jiaoyan Chen (The University of Manchester); Jeff Z. Pan (The University of Edinburgh); Bryan Hooi (NUS); Huajun Chen (Zhejiang University)
REDE: Exploring Relay Transportation for Efficient Last-mile Delivery Wenjun Lyu (Rutgers Universiy)*; Haotian Wang (JD Logistic); Zhiqing Hong (Rutgers University); Guang Wang (Florida State University); Yu Yang (Lehigh University); Yunhuai Liu (Peking University); Desheng Zhang (Rutgers University)
ALT: An Automatic System for Long Tail Scenario Modeling Ya-Lin Zhang (Ant Group)*; Jun Zhou (Ant Services Group ); Yankun Ren (Ant Financial Services Group); Yue Zhang (Ant Group); Xinxing Yang (Ant Group); Meng Li (Ant Group); Qitao Shi (Ant Group); longfei li (Ant Financial Services Group )
Scalable Online Interval Join on Modern Multicore Processors in OpenMLDB Hao Zhang (4Paradigm Inc.)*; Xianzhi Zeng (Singapore University of Technology and Design); Shuhao Zhang (Singapore University of Technology and Design); Xinyi Liu (4Paradigm Inc.); mian lu (4Paradigm Inc.); zhao zheng (4Paradigm Inc.)
Accelerating Cloud-Native Databases with Distributed PMem Stores Jason Sun (Bytedance )*; Haoxiang Ma (ByteDance); zhang li (Bytedance); Huicong Liu (bytedance); Haiyang Shi (ByteDance Inc); Shangyu Luo (ByteDance); kai Wu (Microsoft ); Kevin Bruhwiler (University of California Irvine); Cheng Zhu (Bytedance.com); Yuanyuan Nie (ByteDance Inc.); Jianjun Chen (Bytedance); Lei Zhang (ByteDance); Yuming Liang (ByteDance Inc.)
Hierarchical Interest Modeling of Long-tailed Users for Click-Through Rate Prediction Xu Xie (Peking University)*; Jin Niu (Alibaba Group); Lifang Deng (Alibaba Group); Dan Wang (Alibaba Group); Jiandong Zhang (Alibaba); Zhihua Wu (Lazada); Kaigui Bian (Peking University); Gang Cao (Beijing Academy of Artificial Intelligence); Bin Cui (Peking University)
Automatic Synonym Extraction and Context-based Query Reformulation for Points-of-Interest Search Pengfei Li (Grabtaxi Holdings Pte. Ltd.)*; Gaurav Gaurav (Grab)
MAMDR: A Model Agnostic Learning Framework for Multi-Domain Recommendation Linhao Luo (Monash University)*; Yumeng Li (Alibaba Group); bu yu gao (Alibaba); Shuai Tang (Independent Researcher); Sinan Wang (Alibaba Group); Jiancheng Li (Alibaba Group); Tanchao Zhu (Alibaba Group); Jiancai Liu (Alibaba Group); Li Zhao (Zhejiang University); Shirui Pan (Griffith University)
Efficient and Effective Path Compression in Large Graphs Yilun Huang (University of Technology Sydney)*; Dong Wen (University of New South Wales); Longbin Lai (Alibaba Group); Zhengping Qian (Alibaba Group); Ying Zhang (University of Technology Sydney); Lu Qin (UTS)
Modeling Intra- and Inter-community Information for Route and Time Prediction in Last-mile Delivery Yuting Qiang (Cainiao smart logistics network, Alibaba Group)*; Haomin Wen (Beijing Jiaotong University); lixia wu (Cainiao Ltd. ); Xiaowei Mao (Beijing Jiaotong University); Fan Wu (Cainiao Network); Huaiyu Wan (Beijing Jiaotong University); Haoyuan Hu (Cainiao Network)
DCMT: A Direct Entire-Space Causal Multi-Task Framework for Post-Click Conversion Estimation Feng Zhu (Ant Group)*; mingjie zhong (antgroup); Xinxing Yang (Ant Group); longfei li (Ant Financial Services Group ); Lu Yu (Ant Group); Tiehua Zhang (Ant Group); Jun Zhou (Ant Financial); Chaochao Chen (Zhejiang University); Fei Wu (Zhejiang University, China); Guanfeng Liu (Macquarie University); Yan Wang (Macquarie University, Austrilia)
COME: Learning to Coordinate Crowdsourcing and Regular Couriers for Offline Delivery During Online Mega Sale Days Guanzhou Zhu (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)*; Dong Zhao (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Yizong Wang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications); Haotian Wang (JD Logistic); Desheng Zhang (Rutgers University); Huadong Ma (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications)
FLBooster: A Unified and Efficient Platform for Federated Learning Acceleration Zhihao Zeng (Zhejiang University); Yuntao Du (Zhejiang University); Ziquan Fang (Zhejiang University); Lu Chen (Zhejiang University); Shiliang Pu (Hikvision Research Institute); Guodong Chen (Hikvision Research Institute); Hui Wang (Hikvision Research Institute); Yunjun Gao (Zhejiang University)*
ResuFormer: Semantic Structure Understanding for Resumes via Multi-modal Pre-training Kaichun Yao (Baidu)*; Jingshuai Zhang (Baidu); Chuan Qin (Baidu); Xin Song (Baidu Inc.); Peng Wang (Baidu Inc.); Hengshu Zhu (Baidu); Hui Xiong (Hong Kong University of Science and Tech)
SUFS: A Generic Storage Usage Forecasting Service Through Adaptive Ensemble Learning Luming Sun (Renmin University of China)*; Shijin Gong (University of Science and Technology of China); Tieying Zhang (Bytedance); Fuxin Jiang (ByteDance Inc.); Zhibing Zhao (ByteDance); Jianjun Chen (Bytedance); Xinyu Zhang (Chinese Academy of Sciences)
GARCIA: Powering Representations of Long-tail Query with Multi-granularity Contrastive Learning weifan Wang (antgroup)*; Binbin Hu (Ant Financial Services Group); zhicheng peng (AntGroup); mingjie zhong (antgroup); Zhiqiang Zhang (Ant Group); Zhongyi Liu (Ant Group); Guannan Zhang (Ant Group); Jun Zhou (Ant Financial)
Backward-Sort for Time Series in Apache IoTDB Zhang Xiaojian (Tsinghua University); Hongyin Zhang (Tsinghua University); Shaoxu Song (Tsinghua University)*; Xiangdong Huang (Timecho Limited); Chen Wang (Timecho Limited); Jianmin Wang (“Tsinghua University, China”)
Learned Probing Cardinality Estimation for High-Dimensional Approximate NN Search Bolong Zheng (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)*; ziyang yue (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Qi Hu (Huazhong University of Science and Technology); Xiaomeng Yi (Zhejiang Lab); Xiaofan Luan (ZilliZ); Charles Xie (Zilliz); Xiaofang Zhou (The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Christian S Jensen (Aalborg University)
Attention Weighted Mixture of Experts with Contrastive Learning for Personalized Ranking in E-commerce Zhen-Lin Chen (JD.com)*
InferTurbo: A Scalable System for Boosting Full-graph Inference of Graph Neural Network over Huge Graphs Dalong Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group)*; Xianzheng Song (Ant Financial Services Group); Zhiyang Hu (Ant Financial Services Group); Yang Li (Ant Financial Services Group); Miao Tao (Ant Financial Services Group); Binbin Hu (Ant Financial Services Group); Lin Wang (Ant Financial); Zhiqiang Zhang (Ant Group); Jun Zhou (Ant Financial)
Who Would be Interested in Services? An Entity Graph Learning System for User Targeting dan yang (Ant Group)*; Binbin Hu (Ant Financial Services Group); Xiaoyan Yang (Ant group); Yue Shen (Ant Financial Services Group); Zhiqiang Zhang (Ant Group); Jinjie Gu (Ant Financial); Guannan Zhang (Ant Financial Services Group)
Impact-aware Maneuver Decision with Enhanced Perception for Autonomous Vehicle Shuncheng Liu (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Yuyang Xia (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Xu Chen (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); jiandong xie (HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO.LTD.); Han Su (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China); Kai Zheng (University of Electronic Science and Technology of China)*
SAMI: A Shape-Aware Cycling Map Inference Framework for Designated Driving Service Wenyi Shen (East China Normal University); Wenyu Wu (East china normal university); Jiali Mao (East China Normal University)*; Jie Chen (East China Normal University); Shaosheng Cao (DiDi); Lisheng Zhao (Didi chuxing); Aoying Zhou (East China Normal University ); Lin Zhou (Didi Chuxing)
PUSION – A Generic and Automated Framework for Decision Fusion Yannick Wilhelm (Festo SE & Co. KG; University of Stuttgart)*; Peter Reimann (Graduate School advanced Manufacturing Engineering); Wolfgang Gauchel (Festo SE & Co. KG); Steffen Klein (Saarland University); Bernhard Mitschang (University of Stuttgart)
M2G4RTP: A Multi-Level and Multi-Task Graph Model for Instant-Logistics Route and Time Joint Prediction Tianyue Cai (Beijing Jiaotong University)*; Huaiyu Wan (Beijing Jiaotong University); Fan Wu (Cainiao Network); Haomin Wen (Beijing Jiao University); Shengnan Guo (Beijing Jiaotong University); lixia wu (Cainiao Ltd. ); Haoyuan Hu (Cainiao Network); Youfang Lin (Beijing Jiaotong University)
UniMatch: A Unified User-Item Matching Framework for the Multi-purpose Merchant Marketing Qifang Zhao (Alibaba)*; Tianyu Li (Alibaba); Meng Du (Alibaba); Yu Jiang (Alibaba); Qinghui Sun (Alibaba Group); Zhongyao Wang (Alibaba Group); Hong Liu (Alibaba); Huan Xu (Alibaba Group)
Dataset Similarity Detection for Global Deduplication in the DD File System Smriti Thakkar (Dell Technologies)*; Philip Shilane (Dell Technologies); Kao-Feng Hsieh (Dell Technologies); Tony Wong (Retired); Hetaben Saraiya (Dell Technologies); Zachary Tom (Dell Technologies)
Reactive Company Control in Company Knowledge Graphs Davide Magnanimi (Politecnico di Milano)*; Luigi Bellomarini (Banca d’Italia); Stefano Ceri (Politecnico di Milano); Davide Martinenghi (Politecnico di Milano)
AIM: A practical approach to automated index management for SQL databases Ritwik Yadav (Facebook Inc)*; Satyanarayana R. Valluri (Meta Platforms, Inc.); Mohamed Zait (Meta)
PM-Blade: A Persistent Memory Augmented LSM-tree Storage for Database Yinan Zhang (East China Normal University); Huiqi Hu (East China Normal University)*; Xuan Zhou (East China Normal University); Enlong Xie (Meituan); Hongdi Ren (Meituan); Le Jin (Meituan)
Firestore: The NoSQL Serverless Database for the Application Developer Ram Kesavan (Google Inc.)*; David Gay (Google, Inc.); Daniel O Thevessen (Google LLC); Jimit Shah (Google LLC); C Mohan (Tsinghua University)
Sim2Rec: A Simulator-based Decision-Making Approach to Optimize Real-World Long-term User Engagement in Sequential Recommender Systems Xiong-Hui Chen (Nanjing University)*; Bowei He (City University of Hong Kong); Yang Yu (Nanjing University); Qingyang Li (Didi Research America); Zhiwei (Tony) Qin (Lyft); Wenjie Shang (AI Labs, Didi Chuxing); Jieping Ye (Didi Chuxing); Chen Ma (City University of Hong Kong)
Delivery Time Prediction Using Large-Scale Graph Structure Learning Based on Quantile Regression Lei Zhang (Shandong University)*; Xin Zhou (Nanyang Technological University); Zhiwei Zeng (Nanyang Technological University); Yiming Cao (Shandong University); Yonghui Xu (Shandong University); Mingliang Wang (Alibaba Group); xingyu wu (Alibaba Group); Yong Liu (Nanyang Technological University); Lizhen Cui (ShanDong University); Zhiqi Shen (NTU)
Cougar: A General Framework for Jobs Optimization In Cloud mingjie tang (Ant Financial)*; Bo Sang (AntGroup); Liu Jian (AntGroup); shuiwei Gu (Antgroup); xiaojun Zhan (AntGroup)
Continual Causal Inference with Incremental Observational Data Zhixuan Chu (Ant Group)*; Ruopeng Li (Ant Group); Stephen Rathbun (University of Georgia); Sheng Li (University of Virginia)
Automatic Fusion Network for Cold-start CVR Prediction with Explicit Multi-Level Representation Jipeng Jin (Shanghai Jiao Tong University)*; Guangben Lu (Tencent); Sijia Li (Shanghai Jiao Tong Univesity); Xiaofeng Gao (Shanghai Jiao Tong University); Ao Tan (Tencent); Lifeng Wang (Tencent)
Tele-Knowledge Pre-training for Fault Analysis Zhuo Chen (Zhejiang University)*; Wen Zhang (Zhejiang University); Yufeng Huang (Zhejiang University); Mingyang Chen (Zhejiang University); Yuxia Geng (Zhejiang University); Hongtao Yu (Zhejiang University); Zhen Bi (Zhejiang University); Yichi Zhang (Zhejiang University); Zhen Yao (Zhejiang University); Wenting Song (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd); Wu Xinliang (Huawei); Yi Yang (HUAWEI TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD.); Song Jiang (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd); Zhaoyang Lian (Huawei); Yingying Li (Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.); Huajun Chen (Zhejiang University)
Decision Support System for Chronic Diseases Based on Drug-Drug Interactions Tian Bian (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)*; Yuli Jiang (The Chinese Univercity of Hong Kong); Jia Li (Hong Kong University of Science and Technology); Tingyang Xu (Tencent AI Lab); Yu Rong (Tencent AI Lab); Yi Su (Hunan Normal University); Timothy KWOK (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Helen Meng (The Chinese University of Hong Kong); Hong Cheng (Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Two-Sided Instant Incentive Optimization under a Shared Budget in Ride-Hailing Services Junlin Chen (Tsinghua University); Xin Liu (Meituan); Weidong Liu (Meituan); Hai Jiang (Tsinghua University)*
LightMIRM: Light Meta-learned Invariant Risk Minimization for Trustworthy Loan Default Prediction M Jiang (University of Science and Technology of China)*; Yang Zhang (University of Science and Technology of China); Yuan Gao (University of Science and Technology of China); Yansong Wang (Chery Fs); Fuli Feng (University of Science and Technology of China); Xiangnan He (University of Science and Technology of China)
StreamMLOps: Operationalizing Online Learning for Big Data Streaming & Real-Time Applications Mariam BARRY (BNP Paribas*, Institut Polytechnique de Paris); Jacob MONTIEL (Amazon, University of Waikato); Albert BIFET (University of Waikato, Institut Polytechnique de Paris); Sameer WADKAR (Domino Data Lab); Nikolay MANCHEV (Domino Data Lab); Max HALFORD (Carbonfact), Raja CHIKY (3 DS OUTSCALE); Saad El JAOUHARI (ISEP), Katherine B SHAKMAN (Lyra); Joudi AL FEHAILY (BNP Paribas); Fabrice LE DEIT (BNP Paribas), Vinh-Thuy TRAN (BNP Paribas); Eric GUERIZEC (BNP Paribas)
GCRL: Efficient Delivery Area Assignment for Last-mile Logistics with Group-based Cooperative Reinforcement Learning Hai Wang (Southeast University)*; Shuai Wang (Southeast University); Yu Yang (Lehigh University); Desheng Zhang (Rutgers University)
A Rule-based Decision System for Financial Applications. Meng Li (Ant Group)*; Jun Zhou (Ant Services Group ); Lu Yu (Ant Group); Xiaoguang Huang (Ant Group); Yongfeng Gu (Ant Group); Christopher Ding (Ant Group); Hao Ding (Ant Group); longfei li (Ant Financial Services Group )
BASM: A Bottom-up Adaptive Spatiotemporal Model for Online Food Ordering Service Boya Du (Alibaba Group)*; Shaochuan Lin (Alibaba Group); Jiong Gao (Alibaba Group); Xiyu Ji (Alibaba Group); Mengya Wang (Alibaba Group); Taotao Zhou (Alibaba Group); hengxu he (Alibaba Group); Jia Jia (Alibaba Group); Ning Hu (Alibaba Group)